picture of “Both Feet In The Grave” LP


“Both Feet In The Grave” LP


The Crimson Curse’s first horrifying album originally released on Goldenrod has been revamped on limited edition silk-screened vinyl with new artwork to wrap up the band’s entire catalog for the Three One G musical community. The Band features members who participate/ participated in acts such as The Locust, Swing Kids, Some Girls, All Leather, Head Wound City, Tristeza, Guyver 1, Gogogo Airheart, Holy Molar, and The Album Leaf.

Track Listing:
1. Both Feet in the Grave
2. Radiation Blue
3. Velvet Flesh Design
4. Sweet Baby Jesus
5. Rat Romance
6. I Liner
7. Black Dye No. 15
8. Psycho 75
9. Goldfish