Adam Gnade + Demetrius Francisco Antuña – “Ghost Ship” Video

In a new video, Three One G artists Adam Gnade and Demetrius Francisco Antuña soundtrack “the collective American breakdown” following Trump’s election. With this year’s release of the record Voicemails from the Great Satan, Gnade and Antuña made a kind of slowed-down, deconstructed doom metal with all elements of metal removed and replaced by oft-times harsh noise and drones, inspired by bands such as Daughters, Moss Icon, Bastard Noise, and EMA.
The story in the spoken (or often shouted, screamed) lyrics was Gnade’s attempt to show “the collective American breakdown we witnessed after the election. We fell apart. But it’s still happening. I feel like half the people I know are fucked up on some weird Trump-induced PTSD.”

The Hunter Seaton-directed “Ghost Ship” video is a short (less than two-minute) excerpt from the record, Voicemails From the Great Satan. Featuring live footage from photographer Becky DiGiglio, it begins with the tragedy of the Ghost Ship fire which broke out nearly a month after the election in an artist warehouse in Oakland, killing 36, some of which from Gnade and Antuña’s own orbit. “I remember following it on the news waiting to see who was safe,” Gnade says, “thinking ‘No, not this, not now.'” From there, the lyrics are about the grim, nightmarish reality that set in after the election. “Demetrius and I were just talking about this, how we’re less hopeful than we were when we wrote the album. It’s not supposed to work that way, right? Will we give up? No, but I think a lot of us are tired and hurting pretty bad and waiting to see what’s next. In the meantime, we’re gonna fuckin’ fight.”

Video is directed by Hunter Seaton, and features a track off of the EP Voicemails from the Great Satan, released February 16, 2018 by Three One G Records. It is available through Three One G on limited edition pink cassette, as well as digitally on iTunes. Order here.

Voicemails from The Great Satan tracklist:
Track 1: 11:48
Nighttime Suite
I Blood in the Parking Lot
II Voicemails From The Great Satan
III Ghostship

Track 2: 13:57
Daytime Suite
IV Interlude
V Sunday Afternoon in the Sun
VI Summers End/Summer’s End