Three One G artist sale: ERIC PAUL (Arab On Radar, The Chinese Stars)

Eric Paul has spent his life situated in hardworking, unassuming, unaware-of-its-own-oddness Providence, Rhode Island- an unlikely New England town notorious for spitting out beautifully bizarre bands. Eric’s contributions to this artistic output include Arab on Radar, The Chinese Stars, and, most recently, Doomsday Student— all of which have been represented in varying capacities on the Three One G label. Each of these bands features Eric as vocalist– shrieking, spasming, groping, staring crowds down with wild, dangerous eyes. There is, certainly, an exhibitionism to his madness that commands attention, no matter what music he’s channeled it through over the years. “I’ve always embraced the idea that the performance is more important than the execution of the material,” Paul writes in one of his essays, centered around the mystique of his hometown in correlation to its bands. Which brings about another aspect of him: he’s also a published author/poet, and a professor of creative writing. This is no surprise, as each piece he’s penned reads much in the same way his songs do- replete with wit, surrealism, trauma, vulgarity, and black humor.

Eric Paul artist bundle $9.99
Arab On Radar “Stolen Singles” CD
The Chinese Stars “A Rare Sensation” CD
The Chinese Stars “Listen to Your Left Brain” CD