Three One G artist SALE: MAXAMILLION AVILA (Holy Molar, Get Hustle, Antioch Arrow)

MAXAMILLION AVILA – Legendary drummer of bands such as Antioch Arrow, Get Hustle, Holy Molar, Chromatics, Softkill, etc. Here’s a chunk of Maxamillion’s Three One G related catalog for next to nothing! If you are missing something from your catalog, be sure to pick this up. It’s also perfect timing for the holidays, to give it as a gift and freak out friends and family while looking extremely avant-garde.

This bundle includes:

Holy Molar – “Dentist the Menace” DVD

Holy Molar – “Cavity Search” CDEP

Holy Molar – “The Whole tooth and Nothing But the Tooth” 3” X 2 CD

V/A – “Dynamite with a Laserbeam” Queen cover compilation CD

Get Hustle – “Rollin’ In the Ruins” LP

Get Hustle – “Rollin’ In the Ruins” CD

Get Hustle – “Dream Eagle” 12” EP