Three One G welcomes Microwaves to our roster!

Three One G welcomes Microwaves to our roster:

“We tend to think of microwaves as a clean radiation force, but maybe it really is disguised chaos. That’s the way the Pittsburgh band Microwaves plays it — without the disguise. The band, which formed in 2000, has no use for the niceties of pop or rock, attacking with a furious blast of angular, chopping guitars, aggressive free-form drumming, lurching time signatures and shouted vocals. Whether you file it under noise, thrash, avant-rock or no wave — they don’t like labels much — it’s a turbulent yet exhilarating ride should you dare to buckle in.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Winding, maddening guitar bending all around bass fuzzed out to disgusting level, barked staccato vocals, and drums that serve as the sharp pointed sticks necessary to keep this noisy episode going where it needs to go. When the mad sidewalk preacher vocals materialize the music shapes around it, but as it dissipates that nasty guitar lead (really awesome tone I must say) seizes the controls.”
Boston Hassle

Of innumerable bands that traffic in dissonance, the musick of Pittsburgh, PA’s Microwaves shears clean and hot as an oxy-lance through the defenses of even the most cynical noise rock aficionado. The trio plies a no-wave/prog-thrash scree that evokes the doings of today’s renegade wetware punks who shove glass-sheathed RFID chips and rare-earth magnets into fresh incisions – dimensions away from the bluesy shot-and-beer heartland rock of their local bar scene. Bursting forth with 2001’s “Professional Systems Overload” EP and the following year’s “System 2” (both featuring original bassist/vocalist Steve Moore, now of ZOMBI) John Roman (drums, formerly of the 1985, and current member of Night Vapor and Brown Angel) and David Kuzy (guitar, vocals) cycled through bass players for several years (including a stint as a synth/sampler-augmented duo) before joining with Johnny Arlett for their longest-running lineup to date. Over the years, Microwaves continued to pick up the loose ends left by Voivod, MX-80, Snakefinger, and some of their own Pittsburgh-area “math-rock” contemporaries, twisting them into a Gordian knot that at once rages and confounds.

Via Weightlessness, Three One G, 2018
Microwaves / Couch Slut – Split Ep, Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, 2017
Regurgitant Phenomena, New Atlantis Records, 2014
Psionic Impedance, ugEXPLODE, 2012
Behold, Thunderhaus Ltd., 2011
Made In Mexico / Microwaves split, Rampage Records/Rococo Records, 2006
Contagion Heuristic, Crucial Blast, 2006
Attack Decay Sustain Release, New Addition, 2004
Systems 2, Cenotaph Records/Version City Records, Cenotaph Records, 2002
Professional Systems Overload EP, 2001

Upcoming shows:
July 12th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe w/Unsane, Child Bite
October 11th – Canton, OH @ Buzz Bin
October 13th – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom w/ Thee Oh Sees