picture of “Listen To Your Left Brain” CD


“Listen To Your Left Brain” CD

With “Listen To Your Left Brain”, the Chinese Stars declare a new cold war. Formed in 2003, the band’s pedigree reaches back to legendary acts Arab On Radar and Six Finger Satellite, seeds that inform this new efflorescence, but now the band has filled out in all the right places, having honed their chaotic four-on-the-floor, post-punk dance style into an unequivocal signature. Here The Chinese Stars set in motion a tsunami of new waves, crafting an atmosphere of propulsive sonic escapism – fueled by noodle-stringed guitar riffs, seat of your pants lyrics and hallucinatory synths. This is a fast, forward audio movement, taking music back to the base pleasures. Razor sharp, aural pop-art: the overblown are busted.

Track Listing:

Drugs and Sunshine
Cold, Cold, Cold
All My Friends Are Getting High
Left Brain
Bored With This Planet
Shake Of The Nurse
Teeth Marks
TV Grown Arms
The Drowning