picture of “Greatest Hits” CD


“Greatest Hits” CD

The Crimson Curse’s horror hardcore “anthology” here consists of select tracks from the bands “Both Feet in the Grave” LP, tracks from their split 7″ with The Festival of Dead Deer, and alternate takes as well as their rare “Blood Thirsty Lust” track that has been released on Coalition Records as a remix EP. This curse features members who participate/ participated in bands such as The Locust, Swing Kids, All Leather, Some Girls, Head Wound City, Tristeza, Retox, Guyver 1, Gogogo Airheart, Holy Molar, and The Album Leaf. The CD has live CD Rom footage as an added bonus.

Track Listing:
1. Funeral Empire
2. Radiation Blue
3. Both Feet in the Grave
4. Sweet Baby Jesus
5. Blood Thirsty Lust
6. Velvet Flesh Design
7. Psycho 75
8. I Liner
9. Rat Romance
10. Black Dye #15
11. Goldfish