picture of “Angry Christmas” single


“Angry Christmas” single

Doomsday Student is Eric Paul, Stephen Mattos, Craig Kureck, and Paul Vieira. Made up of members from bands such as Arab on Radar, The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, and Chrome Jackson, one should not be particularly surprised by the level of dissonance, mania, and peculiarity thoughtfully melded into every layer of the music, from unsettling lyrics to hysteric guitars and irregular rhythms.

Doomsday Student have returned bearing their traditionally bizarre gifts in the form of the new single, Angry Christmas. Here is a tale of birth, life, skin, bones, and caved-in skulls, told with rhythms like soldiers trudging through mud and broken car-alarm guitar wails. Add to this the sound of what seems like a chorus of flies buzzing in beautiful harmony, and you have the band’s first single of 2016.

There is more to be heard and seen from them in the future, but for now, Eric Paul reminds us that “we’ve just taken our first breath”. Celebrate.