picture of “Blasphony” EP


“Blasphony” EP

Beginning with a music career in San Diego which included titles of distinction such as cross-dressing dancer for Optiganally Yours, drums for Thingy, Followers, and Goblin Cock, bass for Alpha Males and, simply, “everything” in Schlag-Schlag, Brent Asbury has experience in most musical areas and genres. Since his time in California, he took up producing and engineering at his current studio in Portland, OR– anything over the years from The Locust to Michael Bolton. Of course, then, it might be hard to imagine what his own dissonant brainchild might sound like today. The answer is, surely, none of the above– or at least, unlike any one conventional category. Asbury describes PANICKER as “blending aspects of EBM, industrial, techno and hip hop with the emotion of punk, hardcore, metal, experimental, and horror movie scores.” Since its inception, Asbury has brought his amalgamation of dark dance beats to Dead Cross with a blistering remix of the song “Shillelagh”, featured on the band’s most recent EP on Ipecac Recordings. With the release of his newest EP, Blasphony, PANICKER continues to master its unique voice, sans vocals.