picture of “Greater Mythology Blues” EP


“Greater Mythology Blues” EP

Greater Mythology Blues is the sequel to Adam Gnade’s AMERICANS, also being re-released by Three One G. One finds in these “talking songs” stories continued, ended, and renewed, the cyclical nature of human existence framed like a county fair’s rusted ferris wheel. Keeping an overarching Americana style, the music vacillates from doo-wop to plucked banjo and upbeat percussion. These are punctuated by segments of slow, sobering guitar riffs, hushed organ gospels and occasional musical silence as Adam speaks, sometimes gently warbled and others shared more aggressively. Throughout,, a nearly tangible desperation seems to be fighting its way out in his vocals. Just as with AMERICANS, Gnade’s knack for gut-punching narrative and heartbreaking imagery is thought-provoking and resounding.

1. Greater Mythology Suite 1 a) Concerning the Lineage of Henny Lee Bluefeather b) The Destroyer c) 1901, The Riverblack Sideshow and the Birth of Henny Lee Bluefeather and Ben Frank
2. This is the End of Something but It’s Not the End of You, instrumental return
3. The New Old West
4. The Ballad of Henny Lee Bluefeather and the Death of Tom Bluefeather
5. On the Ranch 02:33
6. The Watertower, the day the Warfield Bucs Beat Hoover High