picture of “1-800-MONDAYS” LP


“1-800-MONDAYS” LP

Paper Mice returns with their third full-length, and second for Three One G, 1-800-MONDAYS! Still centered on their dense-but-slamming post-punk trio compositions, the arrangements broaden in scope, adding orchestral instruments and Beach Boys-inspired vocal harmonies, while the band incorporates new stylistic elements with occasional Metal riffs and twisted Latin-tinged melodies. These choices cleverly tie in with the pun-strewn lyrics about bizarre true-life stories: a parrot who flies away from home and returns four years later speaking Spanish; an educator who secretly- and repeatedly- defecates on the school’s track; an arachnophobic driver who tries to kill a spider at the gas pump… with a cigarette lighter! The band also expands their sonic footprint, recording the album at famed Electrical Audio. The ten songs go by quickly, but repeated listens are rewarded with new details and new laughs- provided you don’t throw your neck out trying to bob your head!

Track listing:
Fight Fire With Firearms
Fight Spider With Fire
For The Birds
Trial By Fire
Fresh Coat
It’s Your Funeral
Taking The Heat
A Regular Guy
The Cynic Route