picture of 10″ EP


10″ EP

Asterisk come hailing from Umea Sweden. This Viking grind outfit punish listeners not only musically but lyrically as well. Not to mention, they have members who were part of DS-13. The other side of this slab features the infamous Jenny Piccolo. The Northern Californian natives are here in their last recording ever and are as punishing as ever. Members of Jenny Piccolo are related to bands such as Mohinder, Yaphete Koto, and Makara. Pressed on limited edition color vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Syntax On Lithium
2. A Blouse of Lead
3. An Angel Collapsing
4. I (Poultry)
5. Exodus

1. Bipolar On Lithium
2. Severe Battery
3. Bore Dome
4. Tank Om Jag Vore En Dods Maskin, Bara Ga /omkring Och Slosa Liv (aka. Have you Seen My Tanks)
5. Total Alienation
6. Blunt Still Burns