picture of 10″/ 12″/ CDEP


10″/ 12″/ CDEP

Get to “Prick Class” so you too can listen to fingernails singing on the chalkboard. With this geographical musical mess, you have two parts Blood Brothers (Jordan Blilie and Cody Votolato), two parts The Locust (Gabe Serbian and Justin Pearson), and one part Yeah Yeah Yeah (Nick Zinner). This is the redefining of bastardized music genres, a wake up call to contemporary music. As Jordan Blilie put it, “Its kinda like, if Alien and Predator started a band instead of fighting each other.”

Track Listing:

Radical Friends
I’m a Taxidermist I’ll Stuff Anything
Prick Class
Street College
New Soak for Our Empty Pocket
Thrash Zoo
Michael J. Fux feat. Gnarls in Charge