picture of “Heaven On Speed Dial” LP


“Heaven On Speed Dial” LP

If synth punk no longer sounds like so strange a term, given how bands like the Screamers and other, more obscure fellow travelers have since been lionized, there’s still the matter of making aggressive, keyboard-led or informed rock music that works beyond an instant thrill factor. Given their roots in Arab on Radar, it’s little surprise that the Chinese Stars have proven their abilities over a series of releases. A song like “Body” has the full sense of “we are wired and on the edge and about to go insane” impact to a T, helped as well by a fantastic drum sound, while “House Is Burning” rides the impact of its gripping introduction, not new in its sound, but given extra heft in its immediate, anthemic delivery. They can take it at a slow pace as well, as “No Car No Job” shows, especially with the huge bass groan on the break.

Track Listing:

Track listing:
1. Rabbit Face
2. No Car No Blowjob
3. Body
4. Slow Children
5. House Is Burning
6. Kill Me With Your Conversation
7. Lick It Clean
8. Thanksgiving Day Massacre
9. Bicycle