picture of “Heaven’s Pregnant Teens” LP


“Heaven’s Pregnant Teens” LP

With “Heaven’s Pregnant Teens,” Some Girls’ only official full-length release, the group honed its white-knuckled assault down to 25 minutes of unrelenting musical psychosis while adding new dimensions of brutality to their now-trademark thrash attack. Throughout the album’s thirteen tracks, complex time changes invert riffs on their heads as Rob Moran and Chuck Rowell build layers of guitars that trample each other before spreading out into electrified tendrils. Bassist Justin Pearson’s fuck fuzz-soaked bass and drummer Sal Gallegos’ unremitting percussive attack provide a manic backdrop to singer Wes Eisold’s frantic caged dog vocal assault. In short, it’s a musical mindfuck— from the cannon shot intro of the album’s crushing opener, “Beautiful Rune,” to the death drone of its nine-minute closing suite, “Deathface” (featuring dueling drums with Gabe Serbian of The Locust). Heaven’s Pregnant Teens is a document of five twisted musical minds making the most gloriously deranged noise producer Alex Newport (At The Drive In, The Locust, Sepultura) could commit to tape.


Track Listing:
1. Beautiful Rune
2. Hot Piss
3. Dead in a Web
4. Warm Milk
5. You’ll Be Happier With Lower Standards
6. Ex Nuns/ Dead Dogs
7. Totally Pregnant Teens
8. Bone Metal
9. Mary Mortuary
10. Religion II
11. Skull’s Old Girlfriends
12. Retard and Feathered
13. Deathface