Look, the world obviously lost its britches. So two young gentlemen decided to literally say “fuck it”. Nathan Joyner and Justin Pearson (A good portion of All Leather) are here to, quite honestly, lift their legs and take a piss on what they feel should be marked. But the good thing is, these dudes are not your run of the mill-type dogs marking their territory, but more so, they are humans who want to share their good taste and life experiences with you. Aimed towards the listener, the viewer, the booty shaker, the blogger who has their head up their ass, the kid stuck in the middle of who the fuck knows where that needs some direction. Now known for everything from their short films like “The 90′s Sucked The First Time Around”, to absurd remixes for acts like Bad Religion, Designer Drugs, All Leather, and Amenity, to their controversial Vestal radio show. Awe.. you get the idea. Go ahead, lift your leg and enjoy.