“While lovers of gritty, post-punk, gothic blues need look no further than Love Life – in fact, you might want to drop some of your other loves – even disparagers of the genre may find Ms. Ford too formidable a force to dismiss. Sounding like the bastard offspring of blues-era Diamanda Galas and a teenage Nick Cave, Ford outdoes both, growling and wailing and offering guttural conciliation while succinctly punctuating the ghastly things that befall the human heart.”
– Silke Tudor, San Francisco Bay Guardian

The Baltimore quartet create dark, twisted operatic-rock for the rest of us. Featuring ex-members of Jaks, Universal Order Of Armageddon and The Great Unraveling, their music is the evil carnival without the kitsch. Or the dance of the bull-fight without the sword. It co-mingles the sacred with the profane, making the juxtaposition seem natural. Odd time signatures, driving bass, spooky, multi-layered arrangements and Katrina Ford’s uniquely sinister, guttural voice and lyrics…the music of Love Life is unlike anything else.

If you are still sitting on the fence and reference points are what you need in order to embrace [the] Love Life, then think The Birthday Party, Thalia Zadek’s Uzi, early Pere Ubu, Super Genius-era Circus Lupus and Bauhaus all mashed together and then finely distilled.