CULT and CULTURE episode two feat. Sonny Kay of GSL/ The VSS/ Angelhair

On Episode 2, Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw talk to Sonny Kay, a multi-faceted artist whose work spans from playing music (Angelhair, The VSS) to putting music out (via his creation of GSL) to presenting/advertising music visually, creating flyers and designing album art for bands such as The Mars Volta and The Locust. The three explore the lineage of label and artist influence when considering the aesthetic side of vinyl and album packaging- arguably a pivotal piece of the experience of purchasing music. How can visual art create a connection between musician and fan? Is the majority of music marketing of today, now deeply entrenched in digital format, still as “special” as it once was? These are the questions discussed on this installment of Cult and Culture.

Be sure to check out Sonny Kay’s book, HEADSPACES available in our web store.