Deaf Club go Planet Bombing with new music video!

DEAF CLUB “Planet Bombing” from the Productive Disruption LP
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Directed By
Eris Deo (@eris.deo)
Director of Photography
Tyler Bradberry (@coolinternetdude)
Edited by
Eris Deo (@erisdeo)
Evan Aretz (@shidd_fardd)
Asst. Editor
Constantine Mickens (@breadflavor)
Set Design
Eris Deo (@ErisDeo)
Art PA
Annabel Young (@omophagic)
Computer Art
Skinner (@theartofskinner)
Special Effects
Eris Deo (@erisdeo)
Evan Aretz (@shidd_fardd)
Glitch Art
Eris Deo (@erisdeo)
Extra Footage Provided by
Nic Maier (@commadorgilgamesh)