SONNY KAY: Artist Playlist

THREE ONE G Playlist featured artist: SONNY KAY of YEAR FUTURE has put together a selection of songs for an exclusive Three One G mix. Mixed by BONK JOYNER of LEG LIFTERS. Check out YEAR FUTURE‘s track on “Release The Bats: The Birthday Party as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G” and Sonny’s art on HOLY MOLAR’s “The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth” CD.

1. These New Puritans “Swords of Truth”
2. Black Sabbath “Never Say Die”
3. Echo and the Bunnymen “With a Hip”
4. Bygones “Up the Shakes”
5. All Scars “(Early Set) Track 4”
6. The Horrors “Three Decades”
7. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Conga Conga”
8. Roots Manuva “Rebel Heart (Manuvadelics version)”
9. Pailhead “Don’t Stand in Line”
10. The Pop Group “Thief of Fire”