Three One G welcomes the legendary DOWNCAST to our roster!

DOWNCAST- Tell Me I’m Alive LP There was a moment in the evolution of California punk and hardcore when the music took a hard turn toward politics and DIY ethics. In the middle of this moment, the California band Downcast put out a few records, played almost 200 shows over four years with legendary bands MORE…


REST IN POWER Alberto Jurado

Three One G has lost a friend and family member, Alberto Jurado of the band Death Eyes. He will be missed but will live on forever in San Diego hardcore. Photo by Becky DiGiglio Photo by Becky DiGiglio


Top 5 Ways to get 86ed from the Band: W. T. Nelson, Geronimo’s “Electrician/Yodeler” & Trogotronic Partner Provides Preposterous Equipment Tips Guaranteed to Earn Anyone the Vaudeville Hook

Top 5 Ways to get 86ed from the Band Incomprehensible Conduct Guaranteed to Earn the Vaudeville Hook 5. Blow Up the PA Fragging the PA is not always guaranteed to launch your solo career but it’s a great place to start. While most any of Trogotronic’s Analog & Accessory line will get the job “done” MORE…


Three One G celebrates 25 years!

Three One G celebrates the 25th anniversary of the record label with this montage video of Swing Kids’ cover of “Warsaw”, compiled by artist Displaced/Replaced. “The rarity of developing such a nurturing and evolving community makes the accomplishment of Justin Pearson in building Three One G Records even more impressive and inspiring. Pearson formed Three MORE…