Unbroken was an amalgam of that which “didn’t fit” in the sometimes militant hardcore scene of San Diego in the mid 90s. Made up of members Dave Claiborne, Steven Andrew Miller, Eric Allen, Todd Beattie, and Rob Moran, the group had style more akin to Morrissey than metal. And, like any worthwhile band, the original, don’t-give-a-fuck-about-fitting-in attitude that they brought to straight edge was fiercely adored by many, and confusing or offensive to others. Their energy was lawless, their presence unpredictable. Though dedicated to the philosophy of drug and alcohol abstinence, Unbroken did not treat their music as an exclusive club meant to shut others out; rather, they embraced Southern California’s eclectic if not downright weird punk, metal, and hardcore community. This lead to a devoted following equally as diverse. Frequently referred to as “metalcore” while maintaining elements and DIY ethics often associated with “punk”, the bands’ album “Life.Love.Regret” is considered by many to be one of the most influential pieces of hardcore music from its time. Three years after the initial breakup of the band, the world lost guitarist Eric Allen, which lead to a reformation for one reunion show as a benefit for the Allen family. Since then, they have toured minimally on and off. Though currently inactive, what was special about Unbroken remains, and lives on in many people.