Deaf Club “Ride With Cops, Shoot With Robbers” video now streaming!

Deaf Club “Ride With Cops, Shoot With Robbers” from the Bad Songs Forever EP available from Three One G.

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Footage provided by:
Cameron Acosta
Animals Mistaken For Monsters
Carl Askew
Axiom guitarist/vocalist of STRANGLE
Enrique Bajo
Matthew Bolick at Little Brother Bar
Break the Chain Zine
Todd Deisering
Bernadette Ellison
Fuck Money
Grindstopher Productions
Rock Alexander Guajardo
Larry Hill
Rodrigo Ibieta
Guy James
Kris Kerby
Stephanie Koithan
Isaih Luevano
J. V. Martinez
Maria Orange
Orange Flowers (Zachary)
Ammar Osman
Natalie Powell
Justin Stoskopf
Earl Valentine Thielen IV
Luis Torres
Elliott Tucker
Worshipper Cabinets

Edited and compiled by Displaced/Replaced.