Brutal Evolution, Happy Birthday to Planet B’s Self-Titled Full-Length Album, 11/23/18

One of my favorite things about Planet B’s debut full-length is how you can get lost in it—how the weird, morphing, shifting MPC soundscapes ditch traditional song structure and take you on this dreamlike, nightmarish hiphop/punk/noise journey through worlds of oozing synth squelch, cool backwards sounds you can’t place, and percussion that’s like robots building weapons or barfing up piles of scrap metal.

To do it right, you put on a good set of headphones, sit back, shut your eyes, and listen without distraction. Let yourself be carried off into this strange, rhythmic, tripped-out land which is like some kind of DMT-blasted TV show where the guest stars (Nick Zinner, Kool Keith, Martin Atkins, Becky DiGiglio, Joey Karam, Sonny Kay) take you by surprise, and each episode ends without a laugh track.

Released three years ago today, Planet B’s full-length debut is the kind of record that divides people—you either get it or you don’t. Your loss if this album doesn’t speak to you. This bird is a rare fucker.

Adam Gnade, author of Locust House and After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different