Harsh Astronauts, Happy Birthday to the Inertia split 12” by Bastard Noise and Geronimo, 11/5/13

Being alive is fucking hard no matter who you are. Being alive during a pandemic is of course even harder and so is being alive in the dirty heart of peak capitalism. One of the ways we make the shittiness of life feel less terrible is to find things we love and believe in—things that give us hope just by existing. For me, the Inertia split from Bastard Noise and Geronimo is one of those things.

The Bastard Noise side of this split is like a weird journey into deep space with oozing, shrieking, shuddering noise soundscapes emerging and retracting back into the inky black void. I could see this freaking a lot of people out, but it makes sense to me—makes sense even in the noisiest, strangest, most off-kilter moments. It’s beautiful, tranquil; a thing that feels like how I want reality to feel.

The Geronimo side of the split is harsher, darker, as something approaching traditional song structure begins to rise out of the murk. “Approaching” is the operative word here, because holy shit there is nothing traditional about any of this. This is all adventure and no comfort zones, exploration versus stasis. For more about Geronimo (and Bastard Noise, and this split) check out the recent Cult & Culture podcast Justin and Luke did with WT Nelson. Listen to the podcast then listen to this record. Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe it’ll scare you. However it goes, Inertia came out eight years ago today and I’m glad it was born.

Adam Gnade, author of the books Locust House and After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different