Horse Vomiting onto Other Horse, Happy Birthday to Generic Plans for a New Blunder 7” EP by Hot Nerds, 2/12/16

To celebrate the six-year anniversary of Hot Nerds’ fucking killer, brutal, weird Generic Plans for a New Blunder 7” EP, here is a list of 10 nonmusical things this nine-minute EP sounds like.

1) Hungry worms eating flesh sped up fast.

2) Asshole birds fighting in strobe light.

3) Power drill into face and/or wall and/or face as big as wall.

4) Microchip breakfast cereal being digested on a nice warm Sunday while reading the paper and thinking about revenge, etc. And also you’re not a human in this scenario, you’re a whale. Okay?

5) A pile of shit shit-talking another pile of shit. (WHO WILL WIN?!)

6) GG Allin comes back to life as robot. Best friend of robot is MOOG. Friendship = nice.

7) You punching your enemies and/or being punched by enemies on such a winter’s day. Punch party at 9pm, bring a friend.

8) Various disturbing styles of walking down the street.

9) Kicking in a window and cutting yourself and laughing about it, haha.

10) Horse vomiting onto other horse. Each horse = happy with the result.

Adam Gnade, author of After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different