Stomp it Lawless, Happy Birthday to Dream Eagle by Get Hustle, released 10/22/02

Dream Eagle is the sound of unrestrained darkness and freedom. You can’t put a fence around this city. You can’t strap on a muzzle or click shut some dull, shitty handcuffs.

Listening to Get Hustle in 2022 feels like breaking laws inside a prison and getting away with it. It feels like stomping on the skulls of every enemy you’ve ever had and all future enemies to come.

Listening to this record for the first time when it came out 20 years ago made me want to kick a hole in the wall then climb through it and kick a hole in the next wall I found and keep going. Keep going, keep going.

There’s a healthy power to this violence. It’s a pick-me-up if you’re the right kind of person. Are you? This is your question of the day.

Adam Gnade, author of After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different