Welcome to the Timeline of Vomit, Happy Birthday to Planet B’s Debut LP, Released 11/23/18

Released by Three One G and Ipecac two years after the rise of Trump and two years before the pandemic, Planet B’s debut LP soundtracks the fuck out of these ugly days. It’s hard to believe this came out four years ago, but in post-pandemic time four years is what? Forty minutes? Fourteen years? I dunno, man, nothing makes sense anymore. Happy Daylight Saving Time. Let’s party. Smash the clock. Throw your calendar on the bonfire. Welcome to the timeline of vomit.

These gruesome, heavy-as-a-mountain dancefloor bangers draw monster shapes with a dagger in a puddle of blood and diarrhea. It’s also a party you’re invited to, and Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw have asked Kool Keith, Nick Zinner, Becky DiGiglio, Martin Atkins, Sonny Kay, and Joey Karam to come blow the world up with a dynamite plunger as big as a damn elephant. (After the blast comes punk and hip-hop reborn as some new mutant.)

Planet B in houseparty form is a mixtape from the shitty trenches of the shit world. This is a much-needed battle cry when the timeline of vomit is barfing into all your open wounds on an eternal loop.

Adam Gnade, author of The Internet Newspaper and After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different