Shine like a diamond in a goats ass

An independent film network is filming a show for a new series. The show is going to six different cities filming different aspects. It’s a mix between actual stuff that younger people would want to do if they’re in these cities, and also sort of like mini-essays with a different thesis for each city. When people think about San Diego they typically think beaches, Sea World, the military and surfing. But really, underneath that saccharine, glossy exterior, is a city that’s steeped in racism and normative values and…meth. The show is trying to unearth all of that but also show people that San Diego is actually full of art and reactive/creative people who are making their own communities within the city.

The live performances of the following bands will be filmed in San Diego, CA on Feb. 17th 2011 for the television series. The event starts early and will end by 9pm.

Check out the Facebook invite for more info.