Comfort in the Strange, Happy Birthday to Hot Nerds’ Generic Plans for a New Blunder 7″ EP, 2/12/2016

I have often thought of Three One G as a label that has (whether intentionally or not) curated a parallel universe of abnormal, radical pop-music. Bands like Holy Molar, Doomsday Student, Planet B, Chinese Stars, and Hot Nerds in particular write such catchy songs you might imagine them on some fucked-up bizzaro universe version of Hot Hits 101FM.

And you will be (nearly) alone in this sentiment. I’ve mentioned my alternative universe Top-40 theory to more than a few friends and acquaintances, and even the ones who staunchly support all-things Three One G have been happy to tell me I am wrong. They might love Hot Nerds (a lot of people do) but are they pop?

“Whaaat? Hahaha, NO they’re not” is the general response.

Do I care?

Fuck no.

I like this alternative universe and I plan to visit whenever I can.

See, the real world is often shit. Regularly shit. Mostly shit. Increasingly shit. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Earth but humans? Most of us are fuckin’ up in a catastrophe sense.

Hot Nerds’ Generic Plans for a New Blunder 7″, barfed triumphantly into this world five years ago today, is pop-music from the Devo, Beautiful Mutants, Kill Me Tomorrow, Contortions, All Leather, PiL death skronk dark disco school.

These five tracks are nasty, relentless, sharp-edged, propulsive shards of futuristic dance music. Your neighbor the pedophilic, MAGA-crazed, climate change denying priest will hate it. Your ugly dad with his creepy, angry, drooling mouth will hate it. Your boss (and most bosses and most bosses’ bosses) will hate it. Your friendly local cop on the beat (with his heart full of Klan rhetoric and ice-cold malice for all good things) will hate it.

You know what?

Fuck ALL those people.

Stay in this alternate universe with me. Go deep with the weird and the brutal. Take comfort in the strange. It’s better here.

Adam Gnade, author of the novels This is the End of Something But It’s Not the End of You and Float Me Away, Floodwaters