Glory Be: Happy Birthday to Get Hustle’s Dream Eagle, 10/22/02

There is absolutely nothing like Get Hustle. The band’s Three One G EP, Dream Eagle, released 18 years ago today, will never sound dated because it is an alien landing party, it’s an interdimensional being. The freeform cabaret marching band blues of tracks like “Pharaoh’s Horses” come out of nowhere. They’re too wild to be duplicated, too weird to be understood.

“Understood” by everyone, that is.

With the right kind of ears, you will fall in love with this sandstorm. You will find structure in the chaos. Beauty in the ugly. If you divide “jazz” between Kenny G and Ornette, this is the kind of stuff that would send KG and his lovely hair running for his billion dollar panic room. Ornette (at least in my heart and mind) would step up and play along. Not that this is jazz. Or noise. Or punk. It’s too original to slap a comfortable label on. Rather, this is Get Hustle, a true original, a fierce kind of freedom. Glory be.
Adam Gnade (10/22/20)