Good Remedies for Bad Times: Happy Birthday to Get Hustle’s Rollin’ in the Ruins, 11/08/01

Sometimes in moments of uncertainty, violent art will give you the strength you need to persevere. As I write this, we will either get a racist, fascist pig for a president or a limp, gray, dishrag no one I know cares about or is excited about or puts much faith in. So, Get Hustle—the rasping, lashing, nail-studded whip that’s half Patti Smith, half Birthday Party. Rollin’ in the Ruins—six pieces of vicious poetry, squalling noise, and brutalist angles. Perfect. A perfect remedy.

Or at least a pill.

Both have their place.

Historically, this record has done the trick. It was released on this day in 2001 when our country was in the grips of another Big Fucking Uncertain Moment. 9/11 was just two months past. Our country was run by a war-ape with eyes too close together to be trustworthy. So, Get Hustle—the burns and kicks, the slaps and knife cuts. Rollin’ in the Ruins—the right thing for the wrong moment, and when things are wrong we need something right (or correct) more than anything. We need a rebalancer, an adjuster, a settler of scores.
Adam Gnade (11/08/20)