Let it Cook, Happy Birthday to Into Violence’s self-titled EP, 9/25/15

Into Violence was a very short-lived Blood Brothers side-project. “Short-lived” as in 15 minutes of music, this very EP, released via Three One G six years ago today. The record is over so fast it’ll be done by the time you finish reading this. Not really, of course, but I’m trying to make a point here. Actually, fuck the point. The only thing that matters is how good these songs are. Six ruthless, savage, razor-sharp blasts of trouble and danger. If you were this record’s grandmother you would call it, “delightful” and give it a dollar for the ice cream man.

The cassette this EP was on is long out of print. If you got one, good work. If not, these songs remain as a testament, brief letter, and audio document of a time in the lives of Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers, Head Wound City), Cory Alfano (Nazca Lines), Benjamin Watkins, and Matt Beacham. Spend 15 minutes with this record and you’ll be glad you did. You’ll probably listen to it again right after that. Maybe you’ll spend your day with this on repeat, slowly learning the changes, memorizing lyrics, until this is cooked into your flesh.

Let it cook.

Adam Gnade, author of the Three One G released books This is the End of Something But It’s Not the End of You, Locust House, Float Me Away, Floodwaters, and the forthcoming “food novel”