Plentitude and Annihilation, Happy Birthday to Warsawwasraw’s Jahiliya 7”, 9/11/11

If less truly is more, then Warsawwasraw’s Jahiliya 7” is an odyssey. This epic single-track record does a lot in four minutes and 46 seconds. “Jahiliya” is an avant garde hardcore 17-course meal where you go through more changes than David Bowie and at the end of the meal your heart explodes in a happy way and you die for like a minute or two and it’s great. Sometimes the shit just breaks you.

Warsawwasraw’s blistering, fuck-you-up, smash-your-skull-in thrash is as wild as it is smart. Here we have a dozen records’ worth of ideas micro-compressed into a single song. In fact, fuck what I just said, pretend this is a full-length album and you won’t go away dissatisfied. “Jahiliya” is plenitude and annihilation, harsh peaks and doomy valleys. It’s Dr. Seuss as shit—oh, the places you’ll go.

One of the things I love best about this band is how they don’t fuck around with cliches. They give it to you direct and original, and on this 7”, the first from the band for Three One G, they will surprise you and keep you guessing, and at some point you’ll fall in love or off a cliff. Either way, happy birthday to “Jahiliya,” released 10 years ago today.

Adam Gnade, author of the Three One G released books This is the End of Something But It’s Not the End of You, Locust House, Float Me Away, Floodwaters, and the forthcoming “food novel”