QUI: In closing of the year known as 2014


From the mind of Matt Cronk:

2014 was great! In no particular order, my top five things were as follows;

1) The Scott Walker/Sunn O))) record.

In my mind, this was either going to suck or be the coolest thing I ever heard. It was the latter.

2) Touring In Europe.

We’d been twice before but not in six years and never as a duo. In addition to a handful of great shows supporting the likes of Hammerhead in Prague, OFF! in Paris, and Sebadoh in Milan, we got to play some very small and remote places. We traveled as far east as Oradea, Romania and were treated with such incredible kindness. It was a truly humbling experience from top to bottom.

3) True Detective

It’s quite a conundrum; I hate cops, yet I love TV shows about cops. Also, I hate Matthew McConaughey but particularly enjoyed his performance therein.

4) Helms Alee, Sleepwalking Sailors.

This record is awesome.

5) Tea

This year I stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea. Since making the change, I haven’t had a single sweat-soaked panic attack, and my life-threatening hypertension has subsided. Between that and completely giving up all nicotine, I will most likely live forever.

From the mind of Paul Christensen:

Best movie:
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best show:
Dead Rider @ the Echo

Best Dish:
Pork Knuckle in Prague, CZ

Album most listened to:
I Don’t Want To Die by Ryan Power

Favorite sexual position:
Reverse Cowgirl

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