Truth, Justice, and the Un-American Way: Happy Birthday to Head Wound City’s self-titled EP, 11/08/05

Head Wound City’s debut EP, released 15 years ago today by Three One G, is a white-hot snarl of electrified barb wire, pink vomit, and motorcycles on fire, a tidal wave of broken glass, ninja stars, and anvils. It’s a record that hits hard and fast and leaves you wanting more—more pain, more thrash, more squiggling micro riffs, blast beats, hand-claps, vicious shrieks like fighting hawks.


More, because for most of our lives we’re given less and that’s part of the reason shit is so fucked.

One of the dumbest things you could do in this very dumb year is to be a fan of the bands that Voltron into Head Wound City and not have listened to this record already 10,000+ times. If you like the Locust, Blood Brothers, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you owe it to truth, justice, and the un-American way to become a super fan of this EP. Do your part. – Adam Gnade (11/8/20)